The Music Room 2 is designed for students enrolled in the Preliminary and HSC Music 2 courses. 061A5168


Throughout the Music 2 course, students are required to listen to musical works actively, challenging their skill in articulating responses to aural stimuli, short answer questions and essay topics. Students are also challenged to develop their understanding of the six concepts of music, as well as developing their ability to listen and notate musical .excerpts.

There are many contributors who have provided excellent resources, ranging from incredible theory exercises and examples by Professor Michael Adduci, Mr. Andrew Herft and Mr. Max Woods with Music 2 and ALARM, student projects and performances and my own notes collected over many years of teaching Music. It is a free resource that has been widely utilised by schools and students throughout Australia with a unique log in available by request. I hope students and teachers find the contents both interesting and useful. Best wishes,

  Chris Mortimer

“The Music Room 2 is an excellent resource for the upper secondary school. It is particularly useful in the area of aural training, offering numerous graded melodic dictation and sight singing exercises that will be appreciated by both music students and their teachers”

 – Ian Dorricott, writer of In Tune With Music series of teaching texts, Music Educator and musical writer.